Professional Development

This page is where I will be posting and tracking my Profession Development (PD) knowledge and artifacts that I have learned from the PD Modules. Each module typically ends with a culminating activity which will provide evidence for me to include here in my E-Portfolio. As a future educator I believe that it is important that I continue to grow and develop in this profession.


November 9th 2018

I have completed the Flipgrid Module. I have heard of Flipgrid many times from other teachers and tech consultants but I have never looked into by myself before. Through this Module I was able to create a Flipgrid account (its 100% free since Microsoft bought the company, how cool is that?!). When creating my account, I was able to connect it to my Google account as well. I created two grids: a Math 7 one and a Math 8 one. The topic that I created in Math 8 is for when the students are learning about Surface Area and Volume. DblqDQIV4AAPrMGThe topic question is a Would you rather… type question. Students will need to use what they know about finding the volume of a rectangular prism to be able to explain their choice of which pool they would rather have. The picture that I used in the Flipgrid has the measurements of the pools on it, one pool is in meters while the other is in centimetres so students might have to do a conversion.I learned that Flipgrid can be used across all subject areas. It is also a great resource that students can use to show and explain to their teacher what they know and have learned. flipgrid Badge.png


November 26th 2018

On November 26th 2018 I completed theTeach Mental Health course for educators. This course is designed for teacher candidates currently in Faculties of Education and for educators currently working in schools, including classroom teachers, administrators and other specialized roles such as Resource or Learning Support Teachers. This resource aims to enhance mental health literacy of teacher candidates in Canadian Faculties of Education and other educators and to provide classroom congruent materials that can be used both during practicum and after graduation to help address mental health literacy of students. This resource was created by a team of educators, researched and mental health care professionals who have worked together collaboratively over the past five years to create and develop this resource. This resource included seven modules. Module 1 is the introduction and background information. Module 2 is about Stigma and Mental Illnesses. Module 3 is about Human Brain Development. Module 4 is about  Understanding Mental Health, Mental Illness and Related Issues in Young People. Module 5 is called “What is Treatment for a Mental Disorder and How do we Know What is Likely to Work?”. Module 6 is about seeking help and providing support and Module 7 is about caring for our students and ourselves. Each module includes a Core Materials section that contains a Self Assessment and a Supplementary Learning Resources.

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