My Goals

On the left hand side…

Goals: “ What I need to work on…”

On the right hand side…

Action Plan: “My plan of action to meet this goal…”

Professional Goals

1.     Use electronics and technology in the classroom during my lessons more often. Practice using different forms of tech in the classroom, Prezi, PowerPoint, etc. Ask students what they enjoy learning from, teach to their needs
2.     Time management Schedule my classes, assignments, and other plans into my daily calendar (both on paper and on my phone) so I spend my time more efficiently and can be more productive.
3.     Read literature about my chosen profession (teaching) Find authors that are inspiring and puzzling, ones that question my current knowledge and ones that make me want to become more passionate about teaching. Go to chapters and other bookstores and browse what they have, go online and read reviews on books.

Personal Goals

1.     Keep my life organized Leave time for myself, try not to over schedule my life, work on assignments ahead of time (instead of the day before), wake up earlier in the morning so I have more time for myself and to embrace the day.
2.     Embrace Mindfulness Think of how I can slow down, what things I can appreciate more and be more conscious of. When socializing and participating in class, be fully there in the moment. Practice listening to form deeper relationships with my peers, friends and family.
3.     Read more books, ones that interest me, hobby reading I love to read, but I find my time is crunched and counted during the school year that I barely have time to read for pleasure. I would like to read the books that I have on my “to read” shelf, all year round, not just in the spring and summer months. This again links into time management and finding time for myself. So waking up one hour earlier in the morning could benefit my goals.

Digital Goals

1.     Start to show what I care for and believe in on my social media platforms and try to avoid sharing/spreading the more negative/unwanted aspects. Follow people who are involved in current events and positive movements on social media platforms. Unfollow/delete the negative accounts that I follow or friend on social media.
2.     “Clean up” my digital footprint Google myself and see what pops up. Go through the pages where my name appears and delete old accounts that I no longer use. Go through my social media accounts as well and change my settings so they are private and under lock and key. Delete old photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are not appropriate or just old and not relevant.  I can also go through my email and see what I am all subscribed to and start deleting and unsubscribing from things there as well. I can also “keep it clean” by watching what I post and say online, making sure I use the appropriate terms and choice of words.
3.     Use my photography page more to promote my business I am a photographer, and I have been slacking big time on using my photography social media pages to promote my business. I mainly photograph families and high school graduates. I need to work on promoting my business and staying committed to being involved in that aspect of social media. I can work on this by setting reminders and marking on my calendar when I should be posting (before holidays, long weekends, graduation, school breaks). Getting involved in community events and volunteering my time.