Grade 7/8 Health Unit

The lessons and unit plan below are apart of a Health Education unit that I created for my pre-internship placement in a grade 7/8 classroom using the Saskatchewan Curriculum. The essential question that guides this unit is “Why is wellness important to me?”. The unit focuses heavily on Stress and Mindfulness. In this unit, students will learn about stress and the differences between eustress and distress, stress management, personal standards, SMART goals and creating an action plan related to handling stress. Students will be working on assignments in a variety of  ways. They will be working individually, in small groups (2-3 students), large groups (5-6 students), in whole class discussions, and in pair-shares/turn and talks. Near the end of the unit, students will be watching the video “Release” by Julie Bayer Salzman to learn more about mindfulness and participate in a mindful activity that the video explains step by step.

The unit plan attached below has many wonderful resources included, for both students and teacher, for using and incorporating mindfulness into the classroom.

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