Let’s attempt some colour

Hello friends.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve picked up my paint brushes and blogged for my #LearningProject. I was at home in Carievale, SK all of last week, which is 3 hours Southeast of Regina and an hour and a half South of where I live during the school week. My dad came and picked me up from Broadview (where I live during the week) at 5am, and drove me to the hospital and then home to Carievale because I was sicker than all hell and just wanted my own bed. Turns out that I should’ve gotten the flu shot this year. But here I am, back and healthier than I was last week!

Tonight I dug out my acrylic paints, brushes, paper and tile. I say tile because I needed something to put the paint on and to mix paint on so my dad let me use one of our left over kitchen floor tiles. I took some felt pads, these things, and stuck one under each corner of the tile so it could slide around on the table/counter.

My next step was to search the ol’ Google machine to see what I could find to paint. I wanted to first play around and experiment with some colour and the different brushes. So I went to this website to give me an idea of different techniques and things to try out when just beginning to paint with acrylics. 51398907_309815006338888_6730756623813312512_nSide note: I used those metallic paints I bought by accident (click here to read that blog post if you missed it) and they actually worked pretty good!

This is what I ended up painting, a whole page of nonsense. I mixed water in with the blue paint to get a more faded effect. I mixed a darker blue and red to make a purple colour and continued to add either more red or blue to change the overall hue of the purple. On the bottom where the green blobs are, well, those are my attempts at mixing paints to make green to create bushes. I mixed a neon metallic yellow, a turquoise, a metallic blue and a touch of red in different amounts to create the green.

After I was pretty comfortable with holding a paintbrush in my hand and mixing the colours I went back to Google and searched ‘How to draw a flower in acrylic paint‘. After looking at the results that popped up, I decided I needed to add ‘for beginners’ at the end because the flowers that popped up were way to complex and intense for my liking. So with that changed, this Birch and Button creative blog page popped up. With a few clicks I was scrolling and reading through how to paint a pretty purple flower. 51336966_774217446291605_4444694494503239680_nI have to admit, I was expecting a video, not a blog post, on how to paint a flower so this was, at first, an unpleasant surprise. But you know what? I actually found that I enjoyed reading on how to do something instead of watching it. By reading the how-to, I had to trust the words to guide me in painting, I couldn’t just mirror the motions of an artist from a video recording. Normally, I am a visual learner so watching videos and reading instructions makes sense to me. I think by reading instructions and only being shown the final result, the process was a bit more explorative.  So here’s my attempt at a little purple flower!51790057_2486288971384794_2485223770030080000_n

I really like the layout of Birch and Button’s blog page, and I was able to find another post about how to paint simple leaves. The title is misleading (or I am just a beginner with no patience) and these leaves were hard! I definitely know that I need to practice more with different brush strokes, mostly the flicking, twisting and turning motions of the paint brush. I also painted a fun little cactus for the hell of it.

And here’s an overall panorama of what my painting station looked like!


Read the labels BEFORE you buy the paint

To sum up last week in two sentences: I went out and bought some paints, some brushes and some paper. I got home, opened everything up and then I said a few choice words. *insert face palm emoji here*

Now I’ll give you some more details. I went to the acrylic paint isle at Michaels and grabbed this awesome looking 20 pack of acrylic paints that I saw. In that same isle there were acrylic paintbrushes so I grabbed two packs of those as well. I cheaped out and got all-purpose paper instead of acrylic paper or canvases because hey, I’m a broke university student. So I go to the check-out and I pay for my haul, I even had found a cute mint-green tote to store all my wonderful painting supplies in. I get home from the city, close to 11:30pm and I crack open my goodies. As I am opening the paints, I see a tiny, shiny, little word on the front of the box: Metallics and Neon Acrylics. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Sigh. Well what can you do? Things happen. Of course I’m still a little bitter that I didn’t read the darn box before buying it but I’ll find a way to make those shiny and bright paints work some how!

Instead of calling it a night like I should of, since it was midnight, I opened the pack of paint brushes that had the fan brush in it and I started using the Bob Ross tree technique to try to make an evergreen tree.

Happy Little Shiny 'Trees'

As you can see in the above photo, my first tree (if you can even call it that) was a “happy little accident” (Thanks Bob).  Tree #2 has a much more tree shape but still kind of just like a blob with upward strokes. Finally, my third tree actually looked like a tree!! Bob Ross makes painting trees so easy! I am so glad I tried some practice trees with the fan brush. Working with a fan brush is definitely more tricky than I expected, the bristles kept bunching together and not staying as a nice fan. I am going to need much more practice I think, but I’m not defeated!! The fourth and fifth try were ‘meh’ but they still look are tree-like blobs. And just to point it out, the fourth tree was actually painted by my boyfriend, he wanted to attempt it.

The metallic paint really isn’t that bad, I was kind of worried that it would look like the tin man from Wizard of Oz. I probably won’t use the metallic or neon paints for full paintings, but I might use them for certain aspects within those paintings. I could use the metallics and neons to highlight the bright points in a painting.

So with that, I went to Walmart and purchased some *classic* finish, acrylic paints. And yes, I read the box this time. I wasn’t making that “happy little accident” again.


Let’s get crazy

Im diving head first into the world of painting. My plan for the #LearningProject is to learn how to paint, so I am hoping to pick up on some acrylic and water colour painting techniques.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Bob Ross, mostly at night when I can’t sleep and the internet is at my fingertips and Youtube is only one tap of a finger away… His voice is just so soothing! Anyways, back to painting. If you are unfamiliar with Bob Ross, you must live under a rock. Just kidding, kind of. He was the host and creator of the show The Joys of  Painting that ran on TV from the 80’s until the early 90’s. He was an artist who used the painting technique called ‘wet on wet’ as you can see in many of his episodes. These episodes are conveniently free on Youtube to watch so I highly recommend you check this one out, it’s one of my favourites!

I love the way that he creates trees. That is the number one thing that inspired me to learn painting for this project. I don’t think I am going to do the ‘wet on wet’ technique while painting because I feel that may get o pricey with the materials I’d need to achieve that. I plan on using other techniques that I found on this blog that talks about 13 different techniques that beginners can try when it comes to acrylic. Once I become more confident in basic skills and basic shapes I plan to use those skills to create simple paintings. Maybe a flower vase, or an animal, or a lone tree for a simple painting. Once I get a few simple paintings done, I want to create a prairie landscape with a sunset or maybe a lake sunset. I would really like to recreate a photograph or two that I’ve captured because I think that would be really cool to compare the two. Maybe my painting will look even better than the photograph or maybe my painting will be totally awful and look like a blob of undefined colour on a piece of paper OR maybe my painting will be an interpretive piece that was inspired by the colours in the photograph 🤔

I’ll just have to keep Bob Ross’s voice in my head when making happy little painting accidents.

Stay tuned!