Go Noodle

Go Noodle’s Slogan is, “We help kids channel their physical and emotional energy for good.”

This website is an app that is full of short,¬†desk-side physical activities that help teachers manage their classroom and improve student performance by giving them movement breaks throughout the day. The more activities that the class does, a little character “grows” and evolves as the class unlocks more games.

I think this is such a neat app with a great idea!



Pinterest_logo-3I absolutely adore Pinterest! I find that it is so handy if I am ever in a pinch for an idea or need a creative boost!

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it is kind of like an online bulletin board. You can re-pin posts that other users have put up and so one. There is everything from food recipes, the latest fashion, whats what with cars/trucks, kids crafts idea, adult craft ideas, colouring pages, home decor ideas, ALOT of DIY (Do it yourself) project ideas, and lesson plans. You name it and Pinterest has it!