Educational Philosophy

I believethat each child is a unique individual.

I believe that all children deserve respect.

I believe... that children should not be humiliated, hurt, or embarrassed.

I believe in treating children fairly with equity, not necessarily equally.

I believethat teachers who demonstrate curiosity and passion about a subject area motivate students to learn more about that subject area.

I believethat teachers need to have a love of learning in order to promote their students to have an appreciation and love for learning too.

I believestudents need to have a positive, safe, and encouraging learning environment.

I believethat teaching is more than just delivering knowledge. It is exploring the topic, the “why” and the “how”.

I believebooks are beautiful ways to explore the imagination.

I believeevery child deserves a quality education.

I believeall students learn in their own way.

I believesetting goals to reach is a great learning tool.