About Me

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Hi, my name is Maytlind Mallo! I am in my fourth (and final) year in the Bachelor of Middle Years Education program at the University of Regina.

I am from a small town called Carievale in the far South-East corner of Saskatchewan. Carievale has a small kindergarten to grade eight school which I attended. There were many years where the population of the school were so low that we were on the verge of being closed; however, the school now has over 110 students. When grades nine to twelve came around we had to be bused over to Carnduff, SK (the next town with a high school closest to us) to finish our remaining years. I then graduated in 2015 from Carnduff Education Complex where I attended grades nine through twelve.

In the past few years I have been working on and with my own photography business, Maytlind Mallo Photography. I mostly do and focus on: graduation, couple, family/extended family, and nature photographs and photoshoots. Feel free to go like and follow my Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up to date on my photography adventures!

I am currently an Educational Assistant substitute as well as a Secretary/Librarian substitute for the Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division at Carievale School. I have been a sub there since my first year of university, so for the past 3 years. It is a wonderful school to be apart of! I also go there quite often to volunteer, whether that be at the Christmas or Spring Concerts, Track and Field, the annual Muffin Morning, the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot or just helping the teachers with their bulletin boards!

Curling is my go-to sport. I travel home to curl with my dad in Wednesday and Thursday night Mixed League games as well as in the Oilmen’s and Oil Mixed bonspiels in Gainsborough, SK whenever I can. Curling is such a great sport to be apart of in a small community as people of all ages are able to play and socialize with one another.

I am able to work as an assistant for a Mobile Playground program that runs in the summer months for about two weeks for the past seven years. Mobile Playground runs from 10a.m. until 3p.m. Monday-Friday for one week in July, and one more week in August.This program allows me the opportunity to work with children ages 4-13. At Mobile Playground the children are able to participate in a variety of activities, such as: playing games where they work on team building skills, creating crafts where the younger children have the chance to work on fine motor skills and the older children are able to help the younger ones, scavenger hunts around the town of Carievale, a fun water day where the kids are allowed to bring water guns, run through a sprinkler and slide down a slip’n’slide. It has always been the highlight of my summer!

In high school I was able to take four Work Experience classes where I was able to go back to my old elementary school to work as a student helper. I loved it! I spent most of my time with the Kindergarten class, but I was also able to work with students from every grade because of how small the school is. I was also able to help with and later run a reading program that grades 1-8 participated in. It was such a joy to watch their eyes light up when they have that ‘Aha!’ moment after figuring out a problem. I cannot wait to share my love of learning with my future students! I was also lucky enough to be able to spend time in the school library. My mom is the secretary/librarian at Carievale School and she showed me how the library system worked, how to enter new books into the system, how books are signed in and out by students, and how books are sorted on the shelves. I am thankful for the opportunities I was able to experience at Carievale Elementary School in my grade 12 year and will always remember them.


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