Bob Ross’d It

I did a thing…Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 1.40.17 PM

So I decided to follow a Bob Ross tutorial off of Youtube. I followed along with Bob’s Distant Mountains from season 14 episode 1. I think it went fairly well. There were a few little mess ups, for example, mountains are HARD. And I probably should have practiced using the knife and I should have maybe used a canvas instead of paper. I should add that the paper I used is meant for water colour….not acrylic.

I’ll attach the videos below, and you can watch my process! I had to speed things up a bit because otherwise it would have been over an hour long of a video. I also had to split the video up into three parts, so bear with me!


The finished painting!


4 thoughts on “Bob Ross’d It

  1. Wow…Just WOW! I cannot believe this! You’re painting is stunning and I honestly find it crazy to think that you haven’t been painting for years already! I would honestly love to hand a painting like this in my house, that’s how much I love it! You’ve done an AMAZING job and I think you should be very proud!
    I love how you incorporated a video of you creating your painting! It really helps to get a better idea of your process! I could also really see your personality come through in the video, which made it a joy to watch and really added to the post as a whole! I understand that you experienced some technical difficulties and needed to make adaptations, which you did very well! I still am just amazed looking at what you’ve created! Bravo!


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