Feedly? What’s that?

Okay, so I definitely left this blog post to the last minute possibly. But in my excuse I’ve been in an out of the hospital since Monday with the damn flu. Turns out I should’ve gotten my flu shot this year. Anyways, today is the first day where I have actually gotten out of bed and have been awake for longer than an hour (small achievements are still achievements!). So I figured I’d return to Feedly and explore it some more. I created a Feedly during out last EDTC 300 Zoom class, but I hadn’t created any feeds yet.

So today I created an Education feed, and added The Cult of Pedagogy, Free Technology for Teachers, TED-Ed and Edutopia.

The first thing I typed into the search bar for sources was Education, and TED-Ed and Free Technology for Teachers were two of the first things to pop up so I decided to follow both of those.  I have followed Edutopia on Twitter for a few years now and I knew that I wanted to follow them on my Feedly as well, so a click click click later and Edutopia was added to my Education feed. I really enjoy and find the video’s that Edutopia posts to be very informational and informing. One video I watched recently that I really enjoyed was this one. During my internship, I always tried my hardest to be in the classroom to say good morning to each and everyone of my grade 7 and 9 students. And every morning those grade 7 and 9’s said good morning right back and we would have a conversation about what they did last night and how their sports went or what they did on weekend. Some times they would try to come early to class just so they could talk to me for a few extra minutes, it really was heartwarming.

I have also now followed TED (uploads on Youtube) and I have made an Entertainment feed as well. This is what my Feedly looks like so far:

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 3.51.16 PM.png



3 thoughts on “Feedly? What’s that?

  1. Maylind, I am sorry to hear you were sick! But I am glad you are feeling better and got a chance to check out Feedly! Ted Ed is one of my absolute favourites, great choice! I also have been following Edutopia for a while as well and I agree that they have some great content! When I was in EDTC 300, I also created a feed for my learning project (which was baking) and this allowed for me to find some great ideas and inspiration! I would totally recommend you do some searching to see if you can find anything that will help you with your learning project! There is honestly something out there for everyone so it’s just another source of support to supplement your learning! Good luck and I hope your recovery come quick!

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