Wait, how do you pronounce your name?

Hey! My name is Maytlind Mallo (Maytlind is pronounced like Katelyn, but instead of a K its an M). I am currently finishing up my fourth (and last) year of my Bachelor of Middle-Years Education Degree at the U of R! I had an open education elective class as one of my class options for this semester and so I chose to take EDTC 300 with Katia Hildebrandt. Before I registered for this course, I asked some friends who have taken ECMP 300(?) in the past to find out what this class might be all about. I heard nothing but wonderful and fantastic things about this class! Every person I talked to recommended that I take it because they learned so much about using technology and how to use it effectively in the classroom. I was sold. But truth be told, I love tech, so it really didn’t take much convincing for me to sign up for this class.

I have had this wonderful WordPress blog since my first year of university. I remember I created it for my ECS 100 class to do weekly blog posts about my field experience in a grade 3 classroom. I did not understand this website one bit. Frankly, I hated it. But I’m stubborn and refused to throw in the towel so soon. I sat down one day and went to the wonderful world of Youtube and watched tutorials on how to use menus, categories and pages. I googled like crazy to find other blog posts that explained WordPress in a not-so-scary way. I even asked around on how to use WordPress to see if people could show me what needed to be clicked and what needed to be left as-is. Turns out it was actually pretty simple, well once you got the hang of it. My WordPress blog has gone through some changes over the years: the colour scheme, the menu appearance, the categories, the widgets, you name it and I’ve probably changed it. It keeps things interesting and it’s always a nice brain refresh to go back onto the blog and remember how to move things around in the settings.

Throughout my internship at Oxbow Prairie Horizons School (OPHS) in Oxbow, SK I used Kahoot and IXL when I taught Math 7, Math 8 and Math 9. The students really enjoyed using the laptops for Math as it was something different than pen and paper. They especially loved when I created or found Kahoots for them to do. Whenever I had the laptop cart in the classroom they instantly were hyped. There was one time that they told me they didn’t like a certain Kahoot because they weren’t rewarded points after they got a correct answer, little did they know that I did this on purpose to see what their reaction would be ha ha ha.

I actually really like blogging. Well, now that I’ve gotten used to it. I blogged weekly throughout my pre-internship and I also blogged weekly throughout my internship. I found that blogging during my internship was really stress relieving. Because I blogged during that experience, it now helps me to reflect back to the things that I did throughout those four months at OPHS. During my Internship I also created a ‘teacher twitter’ and a ‘teacher IG’. That’s what my grade 7 students called my Twitter and Instagram accounts I used for school, and I definitely dig it. Feel free to follow one (or both)!

My teacher Twitter is here.

My teacher Instagram is here.


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